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Hey all,

Can you believe it's officially been over a year since closing our store in Dublin?  It feels like ages ago and yet just yesterday, since we took our last glimpse of what was Primitive Seasons. This past year has had its challenges for us all...but it’s also given us the time to reflect and be grateful for the blessings in life, too. We hope you are all staying healthy and safe navigating this new normal!


And now for some exciting news...

Over this past year, we searched and searched to find our next step for Primitive Seasons...although our solution is not another store of our own (yet), we did rent a small space at Richland Antiques and Collectibles (located on 309 in Quakertown at 1320 N West End Blvd., located in booth #17).  Yes, your eyes read that right...the address has a 13 in it :) With our extra time at home this past year, we began to delve into the mass treasure trove of antiques Dad had collected.  Along with Dad’s finds, we also added a touch of our Primitive Seasons unique home decor and a selection of candles.  Please keep in mind, our booth is updated weekly with new is not the store (much smaller and more antiques)...but it’s our start at getting back into the world we love.  Twice a month you can see Megan (if you choose) while she’s working.  :)  She will be working from 2-6 p.m. Friday, March 26th.  Check our Facebook page for her future dates.  Along with perusing our booth, enjoy browsing over 50 venders and their vast array of collectibles.  You never know what unique piece you may find (we certainly have found many!).  We hope you all get the same good vibes we do whenever we visit!  Richland Antiques Hours: Monday 10 - 6, Closed Tuesday, Wednesday - Saturday 10 - 6, & Sunday 12 - 5.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook & Instagram.


Due to our limited stock, we will be taking special orders & requests on items you may be missing (of course to the best of our ability)...please inquire through our email:  We hope you enjoy shopping!  



Megan, Andy, Sue, & Jacqi


Our Background...

In a day and age where it’s common to do all your shopping online…it’s nice to celebrate the successes of small Mom & Pop businesses.  This April 13th, the “newest” owners of Primitive Seasons in Dublin, Pennsylvania, will be celebrating their 10th year of owning the business.  They literally are a Mom, Dad, and daughter business.  With their creative backgrounds, they have successfully transformed Primitive Seasons into the unique and friendly atmosphere it is today. 

            The vision of Primitive Seasons began in 1997, with eight women joining together with their creative talents to create a store where you could find one of a kind, handmade primitives.  Over the next few years, as life tends to transform, the original eight dwindled down to two, and eventually, they sold the business to a family who ran Primitive Seasons for a little over two years.  In 2007, Megan and her Mom happened to be shopping at one of their favorite stores for Easter decorations, when they were given a business sale flier.  Sue, having her own career in teaching, didn’t think twice of taking on a business, so the two of them shrugged it off.  It was not until her father, Jim, saw the flier and the next day inquired about buying Primitive Seasons. The rest, as they say, is history.

This 3,000 square foot business is located in an old pants factory, at 123 North Main Street in Dublin, on rt. 313.  What once began as a country store, in just one room, has now expanded to several rooms bursting with inventory.  The quaint country, primitive, home décor store, is stocked with furniture, framed country prints, faux florals, candles, unique artisan wares, jewelry, soaps, and so much more.  The wonderful aroma of candles and potpourri are sure to warm your senses and the friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home.  The store itself has transformed with each owner over the years, but its core remains primitive décor.  We take pride in being able to carry a wide range of American made country and primitive décor.   

With a majority of his roots in landscaping and running an outdoor store, Dad, Jim, brings his love of design, antiques, and nature to the store.  Initially an art and science major, transitioning into her career as a third grade teacher, Mom, Sue, brings her love of learning, nature, art, and her conversation to Primitive Seasons.  Starting off in Interior Design and then majoring in Graphic Design, daughter, Megan, brings all her learned and acquired talents to the stores displays, ordering, handmade items, and custom work.  She allows the customer to express their individual wants and then coaches them with her creative expertise to make the desired design outcome.   Debuting in 2010, Jacqi, our adorable Australian Shepherd, became a part of the Primitive Seasons family as our number one greeter.  She comes to work faithfully on the week days to greet and get her belly scratched.  She has worked up quite the fan base throughout the years.  Although they are the main core of the workers, they often enlist the help of their family members.  It is not uncommon to see Megan’s husband, Andy, manning the counter during the Christmas season or to see Megan’s Aunt Laurie, buzzing around the store stocking product.  Time and time again, Megan has cajoled her Mother-in-Law, Marie, to price the many goods stacking up in their back room.  Together, they all bring the necessary pieces to the puzzle to create the unique masterpiece of a store.  Without one of these personalities, the success of their business wouldn’t exist. 

            Of course a majority of their success wouldn’t exist without their loyal customer base and their word of mouth to family and friends.  Shopping at Primitive Seasons is not just going to a regular store, it’s an experience.  You may just come to get inspired for the coming season, or totally transform your space into something wonderful. 

            In an age where so much of the world is closed off with communication, the Gross’s love to take the time to get to know their customers.  The friendships they’ve made with their customers over the years, is what keeps the store special to them.  We may not know all our regulars by name, but we remember the items they may have bought or the stories shared.  It’s not just a shopping trip, it is a “feel good store” experience. 

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